The original Cuchillo Cafe was opened in 1948 by Felix and Aggie Sanchez.  They served home made blue corn tortillas to make their famous enchiladas.  They continued to add to the menu and ran the business successfully for the next 25 years.  After their passing, the cafe stayed closed until 2007 when Aggie's son Benjie Torres and his wife Lydia along with their children Tony and Donna reopened the cafe and used alot of the same methods and used recipes that Lydia learned from her Mother, Lola Armijo.  The combination of the two resulted in some of the best red and green chile ever made.  The cafe is the home of the bottomless basket of sopaipillas, along with fresh homemade salsa, freshly made blue corn chips and other New Mexican dishes that customers savor and crave often.  Currently the cafe is open each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7pm.  Often, there are specials "off the menu" items such as fajitas, green chile stew, posole, and much more.
Dining at the cafe is an experience in itself, when you walk in the door you are taken back in time.  The wood floors, the adobe walls, the displays of art and jewelry, and the "not quite an outhouse" bathroom are very original to the original cafe.  We hope to see you here soon.